Written by: Elizabeth V. / evwriting
This piece is a reflection of not only myself. But my views, my passion, my past and my present. It is open to interpretation, as I am open to hear them as well. Have a beautiful Tuesday

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Honestly, I have never come across your actual blog until just now, I did however see your wildflowers poem and actually earlier today had the words "Like wildflowers" tattooed on my ribs because of it. Hopefully that's alright with you, and even more so hopefully you take it as a compliment! I'm glad I came across you, all of your writing is beautiful.

It is more than a compliment, it’s a f_cking honor ! I just went on your page and saw, it is absolutely beautiful ! may I post it on my instagram? For some reason it gave me chills to see that. I am beyond words. I’m happy you liked the words and my work ! You are beautiful  !

thank you for making my night

I love your writing! It's super cool!

No ones ever called me writing ‘cool’ before. I dig it. Thank you. Much love !

love your poetry! - @marcrazon

And I love your photography ! Thanks for the love 😊💕 have a beautiful night

It seems as though my life never stops. And it’s always been this way. Not that I expect it to completely stop, but slow down a little. So I can catch up & take a breath you know? It’s a constant moving matter going at full force every moment. I don’t even feel like I get rest when I sleep. And honestly, its catching up to me.
I don’t think any combination of words can describe how excited I am to have tomorrow off, mostly because I worked the last 3 days back to back from 9 am till 10:30 pm. So you can say in mentally and physically drained. I always look forward to days off. It’s one entire day to completely, let go. I believe we should be granted more of them, and be paid on them as well.
Tomorrow, I am going to soak up every bit sunlight on the beach, and drown myself in my writing finally. Which I have been in desperate need of doing.
What are you beautiful people doing tomorrow ?

For a while now, I have been trying to find a blog where I can just read and read someone's work and get inspired to write as well. I just wanted to say I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog because now I can't get off it, I have this need to read everything you have written. Thank you for sharing your wonderful writing to the world. :)

And thank you for sharing this with me !it made my morning start of brighter. I hope it did bring you even a tiny shimmer of inspiration to begin to write again.