Wow I thought I was an okay writer. I love writing. I read your stuff and I'm nothing compared to your lovely talent. You keep shining baby. Xoxox

All the brightest stars show a low glow from earth. You are just as radiant ! Thank you for the love.

Your poems allow me an escape. For a second, I forgot I was morosely drowning in reality. Thank you for providing me that fleeting moment of forgetfulness.

It’s so humbling to hear that my poems do that for you. Thank you. I know how it feels to be drowned in the routine of everyday life. Make more time for yourself

I am so happy I found your blog! I saw one of your posts reblogged and was immediately captivated by your ability to put simple words together so beautifully and touch my soul all at the same time! Thank you so much for your words, you're talented beyond belief!

Thank you so much for all of your kind words ! They remind me I’m doing something right. I’m beyond glad that you enjoyed them. Have a beautiful day !

Hi, I'm new to tumblr. I stumbled across your poems by accident, but they are wonderful! I've never liked to read or write until this year. I just wrote my first "poem" I'd like to see what you thought how could I send it to you to read? Also you are very pretty!

What a wonderful accident. Thank you for reading them. I would love to read them. You can feel free to send it as a direct message here if you’d like.

my god you are as beautiful as you poems and amazing mind. Im not trying to flirt with you tho, just stating facts cuz i know your preference is females and thats awesome, love what your heart desires ☺️ im truly blown away by your writing tho and wish i could print all these out and have a whole wall/room dedicated to them. May the universe bless you and your loved ones with a magnificent future, thank you for sharing these creations of yours with the world and for gracing the earth with them!

Thank you for being so respectful ! And mostly for your abundance of kind words ! I always appreciate feed back, reminds me I’m doing the right thing when it comes to writing. Much love and luck to you new friend !